Loose the Power Within! is a unique company created by Tiffany Kelly to help women discover their power within to overcome challenges and live a healthy and fit life.  Through customized coaching programs, women discover their “WHY” for wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, they learn strategies to shift their mindset, create realistic goals, new habits, love their bodies, and so much more!  Loose the Power Within! is not just about weight-loss, we are about helping women discover their power to shift their mindset, live healthy and walk in their God given purpose.

Loose the Power Within! also offers, meal planning services, workshops, fitness events, Facebook accountability group, corporate wellness, Meetups in the Metro-Atlanta area, and so much more!

Our Vision

To create a world of healthy, powerful, and confident women who have taken authority over their lives by transforming their lifestyles as well as their families in order to create healthier families for generations to come.

Our Mission

To help women to ignite the POWER within that God has given them to begin their weight-loss journey, break the dieting cycle by living a healthy lifestyle, and WIN by losing the weight for good!

To provide POWER coaching that develops each Lady of Power to possess an unstoppable and powerful mindset that can overcome all life obstacles and live the life God has purposed for her.

To create partnerships with other organizations that will support women and their families with developing healthier lifestyles.

Provide events that will equip women with tools and resources that will support them on their journey to permanent weight-loss success!!


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