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Tiffany “Lady of Power” Kelly

Tiffany Kelly is the Mind, Body & Power Coach and owner of Loose the Power Within!  She is originally from Brooklyn, NY.  In 2005 when Tiffany decided to relocate to Georgia, she didn’t know that God was going to take down a different path outside of education.  She had no idea that God was going to use her journey to empower other women to live a healthier lifestyle.

Tiffany has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, a Master’s Degree in Math Education with an add-on in Educational Leadership.  In addition, she has coursework in advance nutrition and over five years of experience in group fitness and weight-loss coaching.

Tiffany has a passion for motivating and inspiring women to achieve their weight-loss goals.  She provides coaching that is spiritually based and helps women discover their power to live a healthier lifestyle and walk in their purpose. Having lost over 80 lbs. herself, Tiffany has overcome high blood pressure, depression, emotional eating, and many other hurdles on her journey to living healthy and fit. She has been featured on Atlanta Live and has been interviewed on several radio shows. Tiffany is a sixteen-year veteran educator who for the last seven years has served as an instructional coach.

She wanted to give back and help spark change in her community that is why Tiffany founded a local Meetup group called Lady of Power Weight-loss Success Group as well as a weight-loss empowerment Facebook group called Loose the Power Within: Real-Talk Weight-loss. Additionally, she is the resident health and fitness coach for YANA sisters and the author of the book Lady of Power: 31 Mind, Body & Power Inspirations for Your Weight-loss Journey.

When Tiffany is not working, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and the girls she mentors.  In addition, she enjoys thrifting, meal prepping, creating healthy recipes, designing custom wigs, and traveling to new places.

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