Tiffany “Lady of Power” Kelly 

Please see below for a few of the powerful topics she will deliver to motivate and inspire your audience!  Tiffany speaks on a variety of topics and can customize a topic or workshop for your audience, so feel free to connect with her here.  Check out one of her talks here.

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Let Tiffany motivate and inspire you through this powerful transparent talk about how she began her weight-loss journey.  She takes you on her journey as she shares how she lost over 80 pounds, overcame high blood pressure, food addictions, battles with self-esteem, depression, and a host of other life changing issues to now living the life God has purposed her for!  The audience will walk away DETERMINED to make changes and stay committed to living healthier and fit from the inside out!  Book Tiffany today!

“There’s POWER in Your Pain”

Using Day 29, “There’s POWER in Your Pain”, from her book Lady of Power, Tiffany shares her journey from achieving weight-loss success to experiencing setbacks so great she almost quit!  Learn how she activated her comeback and how we all have the POWER to turn setbacks into awesome comebacks.   Through this talk she will encourage you to stay the course and use your setback as a stepping stone for greatness. This talk is guaranteed to leave you motivated, inspired, and equipped to take on any setback.  Book her today! 

Cooking Healthy with Tiffany:  Easy Meals in 30 Minutes or Less (NEW)

80% of weight-loss is in the decision to make better food choices.  You can workout all you want but the true change is in the food you eat.  If you have set a goal this to take care of your body or want assistance with setting goals, this workshop is a great place to start. Looking for new healthy recipe ideas?  Need a meal-prep strategy?  Want to learn about basic nutrition? Have questions?  Tiffany has taken her popular Facebook live show and made it into a workshop.  In this workshop Tiffany will educate, coach, and add to the knowledge of participants in a way that only she can deliver!  In this workshop you get to sample some of her tasty foods and watch her cook live!   Let Tiffany present this workshop to your organization, church, faculty, staff, etc.  Let’s get ready to take your health and fitness journey to the next level by getting your food on point! Book Today!

“No More Trash in His Temple!” (NEW)

Do you know who you are?  Do you know that you’ve been called for a mighty purpose?  But are you taking the necessary steps to make sure you are fit for the journey by taking care of your body, God’s temple.  In this talk Tiffany will leave you thinking about how you take care of your temple and what you need to do NOW to walk fully in your purpose.  She will give you easy to follow tips, testimonials, strategies and resources that you can apply immediately.  Book Today!

“I’m All the Way Up!” :  Staying Healthy & Fit For Life Beyond the Classroom

Through a very candid talk Tiffany shares her journey as an educator from New York City to Atlanta, GA and her battle to remain healthy and fit beyond the classroom.  She talks about how her journey to losing over 80 lbs and the struggles of getting started and balancing a stellar career as an educator and why FiTTeach™ was created. Tiffany will shares strategies, tools, funny stories, resources, and so much more to help educators bring balance to the hectic lifestyle of educators who give so much of themselves to insure students, our future leaders achieve success.  She wants educators to realize that if they don’t make their health and fitness goals a priority, student achievement is at a major risk!  Be ready to make a lifestyle shift after this powerful talk.  Book Today!

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