Need some easy workouts that don’t require a gym or trainer?  Get started for FREE with these 5 easy ways to get fit!

Unleash Your Unique Power Within.

God has given you the POWER to overcome challenges and stand courageous, practice self control, and to love.  There’s nothing stopping you but YOU.  It’s time to step into your power and apply it to your health and fitness journey.  The excuses are over, you have goals to achieve and we are here to help you get there.  Setup your FREE Power Chat session here.

Discover What's Holding You Back

It’s time to be FREE.  Often times we hold on to things people have said, things we tell ourselves, events that have taken place that keep us from truly reaching success in life and on our health and fitness journey. It’s time for you to get unstuck so that you can move forward to success!  Aren’t you ready?  Let’s go, I’m waiting to help you every step of the journey.  Connect with me today here.

Let's create your success story!

Are you ready to be the next success story?  Have you made up your mind that no matter what comes your way, you will make your health your 1st priority?  This new journey you are embarking on will require you to develop a new mindset.  Knowing who God created you to be along with a new mindset will ultimately result in success.  Your healthy new life awaits!  Let’s schedule a chat now.

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Let’s hear from my clients…

Loose the Power Within! is a Unique Type of Weight-Loss Coaching with a Spiritual Foundation.

It’s time to win by changing your mindset. You can try all these of weight-loss quick fixes but if you don’t change your mind, the weight-loss won’t be permanent.

The Cycle Will Continue

Because you are not taking care of your mind. You have to change how you think about food and fitness.


I’ve tried all the crazy quick fix diets… the Cabbage soup diet…no carb diet…slim fast diet…juice diet…fat flush diet…detox to 15 lbs in 10 days diet and all the other crazy things that make people think they are going to lose the weight… But it was a temporary fix…the weight would come back and with extra pounds…


Because the mindset doesn’t get fixed. It wasn’t until after 12 years of taking high blood pressure medicine in the morning and at night that I got sick and tired of being overweight and unhealthy that I became open to change. I had to realize that God has given me the power within to achieve my weight-loss goals.  For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7

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